Little Tribune Winery

Our focus is on high quality, crisp, white wines, organically grown grapes and blueberries.

It is a simple truth that products grown in healthy soil taste better.

Little Tribune Farm and  Winery is located right across from Little Tribune Bay on Hornby Island.

Our farming is all organic. We do not use any chemical weed control, fertilizers or pesticides. Our focus is on the health of the soil.

When the farm was started in 2003, we started with a three year program of  adding organic fertilizers, such as crushed rock phosphate and greensand to the soil. Growing green manure crops, such as fall rye and winter peas, and tilling them in, strengthened the soil, and increased the humus content.

Since planting three acres of blueberries in 2007, and three acres of grapes in 2008, we have continued taking care of the soil, organically.

We use the classic Indiore method of composting, all mechanical weed control, green manure crops, and surface tilling.


SauvThe first crop of grapes came in last year. Our new winery was completed this year, and we have three labels for sale:  Viognier, Pinot Gris and Moon Shell.

Moon Shell is a blend of our organic grapes, and pinot gris from the Okanagan.

Our wines are made in our deep 1000 square foot wine cellar, under the winery building. The cold fermentation technique guarantees that all of the flavour in the grapes is preserved in the wine.

All wine makers add sulfur  to wine, and often use sulfur  sprays to control mildew in the vineyard. Sulfur  is an element, and has been used in agriculture for centuries.

The least amount of sulfur is best in our view, so all our wines contain very low amounts of  it.  


The winery is open for daily tastings during July and August, and weekends in June and September.
Other times by appointment.

Little Tribune Farm and Winery
6160 Central Rd. Hornby Island B.C.
250 335 2189